A challenge to Modi

The relations between the United States and Iran, which strained over the past two years, have led to a situation with both the countries clashing with one another. Iran’s Major General Qassem Soleimani was killed last week in a drone attack launched by the United States.

An agitated Iran has vowed to retaliate the killing of its major general and not stopping with just issuing warnings, Iran has launched missile attacks yesterday and today on Iraq’s air bases where American troops have been stationed. It claimed that 80 US soldiers were killed in the missile strikes.

But both the countries have not come out with truth. The US action has caused us three jeopardizes – first we have good relations with Iran and we have to maintain that cordial relationship. At the same time we cannot simply ignore the United States. Secondly since Iran is the enemy of Saudi Arabia, the US is attacking Iran just to retain Saudi Arabia’s relationship.

We can say that this is an issue between Saudi Arabia rather than calling it as an issue involving the US and Iran. Under the leadership of Modi India has good diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia. We can neither give up Saudi Arabia nor ignore Iran.

Thirdly India cannot ignore the claim made by the United States that the deceased Major General Qassem Soleimani had targeted India also. Tackling all these delicate has become a formidable challenge to the Modi government. India should carefully handle the challenge and try to safely wriggle out of the problem.

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