Service with commercial motive?

Whenever newer communication technologies are introduced the service providers come out with lucrative offers and concessions to lure the consuming public and retain them under their control to milk money from them.

The consuming public will stand to gain if the public sector BSNL is also a fitting competitor in the field and competed with the service providers in the private sector. But unfortunately, the BSNL has also become weak. We should also use newer technologies which are in vogue in other countries. But such technologies should not be used with commercial motive.

The spectrum technology benefits only the public sector and is less expensive. But the service providers in the private sector use the technology to mint money. It seems the public is being put under pressure to use the private sector whose strategy is to make a fast buck.

The private sector companies in the telecom sector have devised a strategy not only to make the customers as sureties for the losses suffered by them but also have hiked their service charges by 50 per cent to make huge profits.

The burdening of the customers cannot be avoided unless the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) reins in the service providers in the private sector. At the same time the public sector undertakings in the telecom sector should be strengthened so as to rescue the public from this indirect crisis.

The players in the private sector have been providing 4G spectrum service while other countries across the world have switched over to 5G spectrum service. Even the government, who issues the licence, has not provided the licence to BSNL, its own child, to provide the 4G service to the customers. Services are only requirements. The mentality of services for money making should go.

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