We are wasting rain water instead of saving it

The north east monsoon is likely to intensify in the coming days. Can we provide answers to questions like to what extent the groundwater gets recharged and its level goes up and whether the rain water is saved in lakes and tanks without finding its way to the sea.

Many residential areas in big cities like Chennai get flooded after a couple of days’ rain. People in the outskirts of the city suffer a lot when the rain water enters into their houses.

When water bodies are allowed to be encroached upon and the encroachers allowed to build houses, should not, those who allowed these, think of the damages that may be caused by rains?

While the government has been desilting and deepening water bodies like lakes and tanks a situation wherein we cannot save the rain water continues to prevail.

Why we are not taking any steps to save rain water and see its going waste into sea when we talk a lot on water irrigation and conservation projects? When will we realize about gradually losing the existing water bodies?

There is no doubt that we will be forced to take to the streets carrying empty plastic vessels and roaming in search of water during the months of May and June.

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