Can we import onions from foreign countries?

The Centre has decided to sell imported onions to states like Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Odisha, Kerala and Sikkim, which have placed order with the Centre for supply of onions. But the Tamil Nadu government is yet to place orders with the Central government for supply of onions.

Since the price of onions is likely to go up further in the coming days, the state government should place its orders with the Union government to meet the requirements of Tamil Nadu. Onions can be imported through the Thoothukudi port which has the required facilities.

The state government should immediately take steps to import onions from overseas with the help of the central government. Onions should be sold at affordable price through ration shops.

Instead of depending on other states for importing onions, the government should take steps to raise onions in places where the opportunities to cultivate onions are available and godowns should be constructed to store harvested onions.

This apart, the state government should seek the permission of the central government for direct import of onions from other countries. Traders and the public expect that the state government should consider this proposal.

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