Utter confusion in Maha politics

The BJP and Shiv Sena, which contested the October 21 Maharashtra assembly poll jointly, won 105 and 56 seats respectively. Though Shiv Sena which had secured just 56 seats has been demanding the chief minister post, the BJP is reluctant to give the plum post to the Sena. The Shiv Sena has been insisting the BJP to share the chief minister’s post for two-and-half years on rotational basis.

The BJP is reluctant to implement such an arrangement. Uddhav Thackeray of Shiv Sena reminds the BJP that it had agreed to sharing power when the BJP-Sena front contested the assembly elections. Uddhav wants to make his son Aditya chief minister of Maharashtra somehow. There is a rift between the BJP and the Sena as the former stoutly denies that there was any agreement between the two parties about sharing power.

The Sena held parleys with the Nationalist Congress Party leaders but without any fruitful result. About the possibility of the Shiv Sena forming government with the support of the NCP and the Congress, Pawar said there was no discussion in his party in this regard.
“We do not have a clear majority. People have asked us to sit in the opposition. We accept that mandate and will take care that we play that role effectively,” said chief Sharad Pawar, chief of the NCP.

The NCP and Congress have clinched 54 and 44 seats respectively. The BJP is happy that Sena could not form government without its support. But the BJP is in a soup as Sena keeps mum about forming government. CM Devendra Fadnavis steps down from the post of Chief Minister.

Now, it is the turn of Governor who invites the BJP which has won majority of seats to form government. BJP refuses to accept Governor’s offer to form government in Maharashtra saying that it lacked majority.  Next the Governor invites Shiv Sena which seeks two days time hoping to rope in Congress though ideologically it is totally opposed to Sena, But the Governor refuses to grant more time and invites NCP.

Even as the talks among the Sena, Congress and the NCP were progressing, the Governor recommends Presidents’ rule as the time given to NCP expired. If the Congress-Sena front forms government in Maharashtra there is the chance of Aditya becoming chief minister.

The BJP which used to emerge victorious whenever there was power struggle, this time it has to kneel down before the Sena.
Uddhav Thackeray says only the BJP taught him how to overcome power struggle. The state would stand to benefit if the Sena-Congress front forms government in Maharashtra.

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