Karunya agri students sow and reap high yield of paddycrop


The students of agriculture at KITS (Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences) harvested paddy crop that they had sown 110 days back as part of their practical crop production under their degree programme. The Chancellor of Karunya University,Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and Sister Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran inaugurated the harvest operation at the Karunya Farm on November 120.

Addressing 600 agricultural students and faculties attending the harvest festival, the Chancellor urged the students to innovate and bring solutions to farmers’ problems and food insecurity problems of the globe at large.  The paddy crop raised by the students was raised only on rain water and nurtured by the students.  An yield of 2.5 tonnes per acre has been attained said the college sources.

The Chancellor, as a mark of beginning of the student paddy crop harvest, reaped the crop along with students in the field and thrashed the harvested stalks on the thrashing floor.

Professor Jacob.K.Annamalai, Dean, School of Agriculture and Bio Sciences, welcomed the dignitaries and The harvest festival was attended by the Vice-chancellor Dr.P. MannarJawahar; Pro-Vice Chancellors Prof. E.J.James, and Prof. Ridling Margaret Waller and the Registrar Dr. Elijah Blessing.

The Vice Chancellor in his felicitation speech congratulated the students for successfully bringing the crop to the harvest. Prof. KuruvillaVarughese, Head, Department of Agriculture proposed a vote of thanks.

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