Kidney tumour of elderly woman shrunk in rare surgery

Coimbatore, Nov. 13:

A kidney tumour measuring 24cm and weighing two kgs was successfully removed from an elderly woman after she underwent a rare surgery performed by a team of doctors at the Coimbatore Medical College Hospital.  Veerammal, aged 55, a resident of Gobichettipalayam was admitted to Coimbatore Medical College Hospital in September as she was suffering from severe abdominal pain.

She visited a private hospital in her village and a diagnosis of the woman by the doctors in the private hospital revealed that she had a large tumour in her left kidney. Doctors in that hospital said a surgery was risky for her life and it would cost a few lakh rupees. Then Veerammal was referred to Coimbatore Medical College Hospital.

After a thorough evaluation, doctors in Coimbatore Medical College Hospital found that Veerammal had a tumour, measuring around 24cm and weighing nearly 2kg, in her left kidney. The surgery was extremely risky because the tumour had spread to the body’s main blood vessel and had a lot of blood vessels wrapped around it.

The patient could have bled out. So, the doctors decided to first shrink the tumour by reducing the blood supply to it, said GH dean Dr B Asokan. The procedure of lodging embolus in a blood vessel to block it is a procedure called angio embolization,” he added.
The procedure was done by using the biplane cath lab.

The doctors introduced the embolus, or mass, through the patient’s femoral artery, Dr Asokan further said.  After the procedure was done, the patient’s kidney tumour reduced in size to 18 cm in diameter, after which left kidney was removed through surgery with minimal blood loss.

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