Paying attention to criminal justice system the right approach

The nation’s capital saw an unprecedented 11-hour strike by Delhi Police personnel on Tuesday against attacks on cops by lawyers. The strike which disrupted traffic in the city was called off late in the day after an assurance by police brass that grievances would be addressed.

Thousands of policemen who protested outside the police headquarters near ITO demanded action against lawyers who attacked them in different city courts in the last few days. The cops received statements of support from police associations across the country.

Special Commissioner of Police later said a review petition would be filed against the high court verdict which suspended policemen and ordered a judicial inquiry into clashes between police and lawyers which began outside Tis Hazari courts last Saturday. These developments show that the issue between police and lawyers is not an ordinary one.

Delhi Police have given details of the circumstances which led to Saturday’s incident which happened following a row over parking of vehicles and the action taken. Mutual distrust between the lawyers and the police has led to the clash between the two.

When the men in khaki and those in black robes, they should not forget the fact that dispensation of justice is affected. In the wake of the recent unfortunate incident, it is imperative to restore the trust between the two and also to ensure that justice is done impartially in the entire matter.”

The police seem to have forgotten an incident that occurred in Mumbai a few years ago with police officers ordering firing on a violent mob. The cops did not open fire against the arsonists. Complaint was lodged by the officer concerned against the inspector of police and cops.

But the police inspector explained that if the police resorted to firing they would not have any security. The government and the judiciary would act in favour of the arsonists who had political backing. We would be suspended and forced to face enquiries.
This is the feeling of insecurity that is prevalent among the policemen and their families across the country.

If a situation wherein media, lawyers and politicians could not question the wrong then the police would be hesitant to discharge their duties to maintain law and order. Ultimately the entire nation would be affected. The police, lawyers and the judiciary should keep aside their ego and pay attention to the criminal justice system. This would be the right approach.

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