Accident free India – bike racers take pledge

Coimbatore, Nov. 11:

Bike racers took the pledge to make accident-free India in a training programme for high-speed motorcyclists. held at the Kari Motorsports Ground, Coimbatore. The programme was held on behalf of the CRI Motor Sports Training Center, Kari Motors in Chettipalayam, Coimbatore. The bike racers pledged to create a safe India.

Commenting on the programme Director and trainer of CRA motors Mr. Tharun kumar said, We at Krishna College of Engineering have specialized training and has been accident-free India will generate the intended commencement of this ultra-modern bikes on the various nuances of the bike riders and drivers for the training of the terivittarin programme. Bike racers from Kolkata, Mumbai, Goa participated in the training programme.

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