Bharathiraja and Ilayaraja have an emotional reunion after eight years

The modern history of Tamil cinema cannot be written without mentioning the two stalwarts Bharathiraja and Ilayaraja and their timeless classic films together that breathed fresh air to the industry during the eighties.

Like all childhood friends, the duo often have misunderstandings and go their separate ways and then all of a sudden reunite.
Bharathiraja’s funny speech during the launch of his movie ‘Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum’ in the year 2012 in Madurai hurt Ilayaraja and they stopped talking to each other after that.

Now after eight long years Bharathiraja and Ilayaraja met in their hometown Theni and are back as the best friends they are known to be and have released a photo that shows radiance on both their faces.

Recently the Prasad Studio management has been trying to oust Ilayaraja from their premises in which he has been working for the past four decades and a case is going on.

Bharathiraja in spite of the misunderstanding put his weight behind Ilayaraja and is taking all efforts to resolve the studio issue.
Hope this classic duo get together and come up with a new film that will make both their fans ecstatic.

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