Tips to enjoy a healthy Diwali

Chennai, Oct. 23:

Chef Ranveer Brar, brand ambassador of Parag Milk Foods, gives some tips to enjoy the festivities not compromising on taste but also keeping your health and diet in check Pure ghee not only helps in making the food taste great, but a dollop of this goodness is only going to help reduce the heartburn and gastric issues you face post the Diwali binge. My favorite pick always has been Gowardhan ghee because it’s made with pure cow milk and is rich in taste and aroma.

While sweets and mithais are the highlights of Diwali festival, one can always make it a little healthy by adding a bit of flavoured protein powder, a great replacement to sugar. Avvatar made with pure cow milk, can be added to rabdi, basundi, phirni, and other milk-based semi-solid liquid sweet to ensure you do not feel guilty when you eat one too many servings!

Quick Diwali Snacks: Got some unexpected guests you need to host who have walked in unannounced? You can put together a few quick dishes using Go’s wide variety of cheeses. An assorted cheese platter with Go’s pepper, tomato, and peri-peri cheese would be something that kids and adults alike would enjoy. Make a variety of dips just by melting Go’s Chutney or Schezwan Cheese to be eaten with healthy crackers. These are super easy to make and your guests will be treated to interesting pairings.

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