Prisoner hangs self in jail

madurai, Oct 12 (PTI)

A prisoner, convicted for the murder of his wife, committed suicide by hanging in the central jail here. According to police, Vellaperiyan (27), a native of Kammalapatti, had murdered his wife Abinaya (23) since she was having extra marital relationships with one Ramkumar.

Though Vellaperiyan admonished his wife against continuing her illicit relationship, the woman was firm in the relationship. Angered by her obstinacy, Vellaperiyan beat his wife and pushed her in a well.

Ever since he was lodged in prison for the murder, Vellaperiyan was suffering from mental agony and was worried about the future of his two children who have become orphans. He went to toilet where he hanged himself. But jail authorities took him hospital but Vellaperiyan died on the way to hospital. Both the jail authorities and police are enquiring into the incident.

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