Student IV girl attacked by her classmates at a school in Coimbatore, suffers several fractures on her face

coimbatore, oct 9

Being bullied in schools is not a very rare case. It happens very often. And, the management and teachers hold sole responsibility for actions against such cases. In a horrific incident at Coimbatore, a 9-year-old girl of standard IV suffered fractures on her face after being attacked by her classmates.

Subsequently, the father of the girl gave a complaint at the police station. According to her parents, On September 28, during one of the scouts classes, the teacher had asked the girl to ‘mind’ the class. (I.e to maintain silence and disciplinary in the class).

“The three boys were playing with a pen and my child got the pen from them and gave it to the teacher. But the boys went ahead and attacked her for that,” the girl’s father told the reporters. A day after the attack, the girl had a fever.

Her parents gave her syrup for temporary relief. Also, they reportedly approached the school authorities and gave a complaint on the behaviour of the students.

“They told us to come back after treating the child and said that we can discuss it later,” the father of the girl said. But as the girl continued to struggle with fever, she was admitted to a hospital where a complete scan was taken.

The scans and X-rays showed that the girl had multiple fractures on her face and possible entrapment of facial muscle in between the cracks. After this, the girl’s father made a complaint at the Peelamedu police station against the boys responsible for the injury.

“As parents, we trust the school authorities and send children there to study. Similar attacks should not happen in the future and hence I gave complaint to the police,” he told the reporters on Monday. “The complainant wanted us to call the boys and their parents and warn them. Hence, we have not filed an FIR yet,” a police officer said.

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