Banners gone but parties find new ways to break law


The death of Subashri has not deterred cadres of political parties from attempting to please their leaders. On Friday, both the DMK and the BJP were found to have installed party flags in many parts of Chennai.

The flags, attached to iron poles, were fixed on roads, medians, and even in stormwater inlets. They had also encroached upon platforms, denying walking space for commuters.

Though both parties have avoided the usage of banners, what they probably did not know is that installation of such flags is also illegal.

The BJP cadre set up around 20 flags on the roads around Royapuram to celebrate Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday.

However, they did not have a valid permission from the Corporation.On the Cemetery Road at Royapuram, BJP flags were found tied to lamp-posts, electric boxes, and even in front of the RSRM bus stop, causing disturbance to commuters.

Visitors at the RSRM Hospital, around which the flags were tied, said the party workers did so even while the traffic policemen were standing there, watching. BJP had organised a blood donation camp at the hospital.

“They came around 8 am to set up the flags. Two traffic police officials at the GA Road junction did not mind at all,’’ said Krishamurthy R, a vendor on the GA Road. Only recently Corporation had urged all to not to damage trees by tying anything to them. BJP North Chennai president Krishnakumar said he was not aware of any flags on the roads.

‘’I did not attend the event and I don’t know about the flags.” In Triplicane, DMK held a public meeting to honour winners of Karunanidhi award.

press witnessed about 100 flags placed on Mayor Chitti Babu Street. Tall hoardings with bulbs spiralling over pictures of Karunanidhi and DMK chief Stalin were set up too.

Meanwhile, in South Chennai, similar instances were observed. In Kodambakkam, hundreds of flags were set up on the Trust Puram main road to welcome BJP leader Pon Radhakrishnan.

When contacted, Corporation officials said neither parties had sought a permit to set up flags.
The official did not say anything about taking action against violators.

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