Dinakaran ‘s party is a company; only snakes will live there: Nanjil Sampath

Chennai, Sept. 12:

In a hard hitting attack on AMMK leader Dinakaran, politician Nanjil Sampath described AMMK as a company and that only snakes would live there. He made these remarks while addressing in a function organized at Royapuram on Bharathiyar memorial day.

Speaking to reporters he said that it is claimed that the automobile sector has suffered a fall of 40 per cent and that five lakh people have been thrown out of jobs in Chennai. Another story that is doing rounds is that since central ministers have started travelling by call taxis, the sale of cars has hit a road block.

The cost of living has been increasing by leaps and bounds making it difficult for car owners to buy fuel for their cars.
The pluralistic face of India has been damaged. But those in the centre and the state have been staging a drama to divert the attention of the people.

Dinakaran’s AMMK is a company headed by him. Only snakes can live there but not good people, he said.

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