2 men hurl petrol bomb on theatre

tirupur, sep 11

Two miscreants hurled a petrol bomb on a cinema theatre at Mannarai in Tirupur district on Monday early morning hours.Around 2 am, a few staff heard some unusual noise and rushed out to find a petrol bomb hurled at the theatre.

The bomb landed on the floor of the theatre complex and there was no damage to any property. They immediately doused the fire.On noticing two men speeding away in a two-wheeler, the staff also informed Tirupur North police who rushed to the spot and held inquiries.

The police checked images recorded in a CCTV fixed in the theatre and found two men in a two –wheeler leaving after the attack. The man in the pillion was throwing the bomb, when petrol spilled over on the rider resulting in his dress catching fire. The other person could be seen dousing the fire on him before fleeing away.

Police carried out a check in private and government hospitals in Tirupur, Coimbatore and Erode districts to know if the accused person had been admitted with burn injuries for treatment.

Meanwhile inquiries by police revealed that two men came to the theatre drunk to watch night show movie, but were turned away by the staff. The duo left the spot vowing revenge and hence the police suspect the duo to have involved in the mischief. A case has been registered and police are on the lookout for the culprits.

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