What happened to the national river water policy?

Heavy rains have lashed many states like Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka and Gujarat leading to flooding and landslides resulting in deaths.  Many states have been rushing to the aid of these flood-affected states.

At the same time heavy downpour have lashed the Nilgiris and Kanyakumari districts in Tamil Nadu leaving a trail of devastation.  The water level in Mettur dam has crossed 100 feet while the Karnataka government has been releasing surplus water for Tamil Nadu.

But, only scanty rainfall is reported from Chennai city and its surrounding areas. People have been running behind water tanker lorries carrying plastic pots for fetching drinking water. Though this is a one country, some states are reeling under heavy rains while some others have been facing drought.

Whose fault is this? Is this the fault of the nature or the states which failed to share their surplus water with rain-deficient states?  We have been talking about national river water policy and nationalisation of rivers but when are we going to evince keen interest on them and start working for the same?

Both the raining and the failure of rain point only to this: What happened to the national river water policy? The question is can the central government delay and dither anymore?

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