Modi’s bold and courageous decision

In the recently held elections for the Lok Sabha the BJP has made a landslide victory bagging more than 300 seats humbling even the congress party. The massive mandate given by the masses to the BJP has stunned the opposition parties.

What is worse, the congress party lost its status of being an opposition party in the parliament. The detonation of an atom bomb at Pokhran in Rajasthan state had earned accolades for the BJP coalition government headed by Vajpayee.

His diplomatic way of handling the Sri Lankan issue and the execution of the golden quadrilateral road project cannot be forgotten. When compared with Vajpayee, Modi is one step ahead and is more dynamic. Though Kashmir is one of the prestigious identities of India, it has been boiling with frequent assaults by terrorists from across the border.

Even when other political parties were hesitant to take up the Katcha theevu issue on their hands, Modi mustered the courage and boldness to abrogate the special status granted to Jammu and Kashmir.  This had left all the opposition parties, particularly the Congress party flabbergasted.

Having no other alternative, the opposition parties have been very critical of Modi’s move on the issue.  Even as we have been priding in the slogan “ unity in diversity”, and marching forward with the aim of achieving one nation, one election the Kashmir issue continues to be a headache without any remedy.

Though operation carried out by Modi with the help of Amit Shah, it will pave the way for permanent peace and tranquillity in the valley.  Let the tricolour flag of India flutter in Jammu and Kashmir.

Let Kashmir come under India giving up its separate flag. Let brotherhood and equality prevail on the Indian soil.  The country would be doubly happy if Kashmir also enjoyed true freedom. Countries across the globe will weigh the decision of Modi with respect.

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