Ancestry launches Flagship Store in Chennai

Chennai, jul 11

Ancestry, a contemporary Indian lifestyle & fashion label by Future Style Lab Ltd launched its first ever store in Chennai. This will be Ancestry’s 6th outlet in the country. The brand currently operates highly successful stores in Delhi NCR, Mumbai & Kolkata.

“VR Mall in Anna Nagar proved to be the perfect location for Ancestry’s maiden store in the city. The space at VR mall allows us to recreate the Ancestry experience that blends design with unique India inspired touch points.

The mall is a shopping haven for the people in Chennai and offers a ravishing space for Ancestry to provide an all-rounded shopping experience to customers!” says ManjulaTewari – CEO of Future Style Lab Ltd.

The store launches with showcasing its latest collection, a fun mix of Shibori Styles, florals and timeless classics in white. The colour palette ranges from Natural Indigo to watermelon hues, Pure whites and Florals in pastel blues and peach. Floral prints on silhouettes like chanderi, cotton and linen in pastels like evoke all the lightness and ease of the season making it the perfect wardrobe choice for breezy weekends or a holiday jaunt.

The store also houses a special limited edition collection inspired by the vivid Indian Textile – Jamdani. Named after the Persian words “jama” (cloth) and “dana” (woven motif), the exquisite handwoven Jamdani flourished under the Mughals in Dacca, and the rest of unified Bengal.

From the royal families of yore to modern connoisseurs, Jamdani has always flaunted an aura of exclusivity. Ancestry’s Jamdani collection recasts this artisanal craft in modern cuts and silhouettes. Elephant, fish and club motifs imbue this chic collection with a rustic charm and quirkiness.

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