Will new education policy lead to looting?

Universities will be categorised into three as recommended under the new education policy. The universities have been categorised as higher educational institutions which pursue only research studies, institutions which teach and engage in research activities and those which are devoted only for providing education.

At present 800 universities and 40,000 colleges have been functioning in India. The number of educational institutions will increase up to 75000 by the year 2040.  To get admissions in arts and science courses in government-aided universities and colleges one has to sit for the entrance examination conducted by the new National Testing Agency (NTA).

This will affect the chances of the poor and middle class students from rural areas and those who study through Tamil medium joining colleges to pursue higher education.  There is no second opinion about this. Already poor students, who could not spend money to attend coaching centres, have been affected by the NEET examination.

Entrance examination will not be ideal for the development of education. The recommendation that this will be applicable only for government aided public colleges will be advantageous to the ones in the private sector.

The recommendation that private educational institutions can fix their fees will only lead to fleecing of students. The new education policy states that it stands for gender equality.  The new education policy states that department of women science would be launched in 100 colleges. But this can be achieved only if budgetary allocation was made for the same.

Under its liberal education scheme, the new education policy says that Yashodhara’s Jayamangala, a 13th century book, all of which define an educated person as a master of a number of kalas will be included in the syllabus. Kalas include everything from carpentry and engineering to music, painting and dance.

Jayamangala is a re-definiersion of Vatsyayana’s Kama Sutra by Yashodara. But the NEP did not make any mention of teacher-student democracy.  The NEP is a conspiracy to handover education to the private sector and this will pave the way for day light robbery by private players in education.

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