City hotels decide to suspend serving lunch

Chennai, Jun 14:

The water scarcity or water rationing has not only hit hard on the city residents, but also restaurants/hotels who serve food to the citizens. Therefore, hoteliers in the city have decided to suspend the serving of lunch.

Hotels and restaurants in the city are facing the brunt of water scarcity as the city has been reeling under unprecedented water crisis. At present water is supplied to hotels, hospitals and IT companies thorough lorries.  Even then the quantum of water supplied through lorries is not adequate.

All types of hotels including star hotels have been struggling to run their business due to acute shortage of water. There was opposition to lorries supplying water from suburban areas to hotels in city on the ground that such extraction of water will lead to decrease in the ground water level.

Therefore, lorry owners stopped supply water to hotels. This has aggravated the situation further. Hotel owners complain that they did not get water even if they were prepared to pay exorbitant charges.

More water is required for the preparation of lunch than breakfast items in the morning and evening. “Therefore, we are thinking of suspending the serving of lunch during noon till the situation on the water front improves” said Ravi, president of Chennai Hoteliers’ Association.

In the beginning, the hoteliers used to pay Rs.1800 for a lorry load of water (1000 litres). Later this was raised to Rs.2500. Now they are demanding Rs.5000 due to acute scarcity of water. But running hotels has become very difficult as even at this rate water is not available.

There is no option but to suspend serving of meals as the money spent on preparing food is more than what is paid for buying water. If we suspend preparing meals we can cut down the spending on water, he said. If the situation worsens we have to take this decision only, he added.

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