PM Modi’s advice to his ministers: ‘Reach office on time, don’t work from home’

New Delhi, Jun 13:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a stickler for his strict routine, has laid down the ground rules for his council of ministers — reach office on time and avoid working from home.

He also advised ministers to clear pending proposals on time, for which, he said, both Cabinet and his junior colleague could sit together and clear the backlog of files. PM Modi said ministers need to be punctual.

He said ministers should reach office on time, discuss latest developments with officials and should avoid working from home. Emphasising that ministers also have a responsibility towards their parliamentary constituencies, Modi advised them to meet people in their constituency more often.

He said ministers should also meet MPs in their state to keep in touch with the latest developments in their areas. Talking about the five-agenda of the BJP-led government, Modi advised his ministers to take crucial decisions within the first 100 days of the government.

In the meeting that was held last month when PM Modi chaired a gathering of all the MPs he said senior ministers should hand-hold the new incumbents and that they should share files with ministers of states to increase efficiency and productivity.

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