Murder of democracy

If a state government takes all the powers of local body administrations, which are functioning under its control, without conducting any elections for them, then it is called murder of democracy.

Since elections for parliament constituencies were going on the state government could not obtain the electoral rolls, needed for the local body elections, from the Election Commission of India.

The management of elections is more or less is under the control of the poll panel. The state government has informed the centre that elections for local bodies could be held only after three months since the officers are engaged in the parliament election work.

Panchayat raj is the dream of Mahatma Gandhi who said that the soul of India lies in its villages. Power should not be centralised in one place alone. Local bodies were created with the aim of villages fulfilling their requirements and elections are also conducted.

Tamil Nadu has 14 municipal corporations, hundreds of municipalities, over 500 town panchayats and more than 12000 village panchayats. All these local bodies should have 1.2 lakh representatives.

Now all these have been lying vacant and as such the state government is losing funds to the tune of Rs.3558 crores to be received from the central government. It is regrettable that those accuse the centre of not releasing funds have created such a situation in which we are not able to utilise the central funds.

Local bodies should be allowed to function to strengthen the roots of democracy. It would not be an exaggeration if that is the sign of a good governance.

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