Metrowater’s advice on judicious use of water

Chennai, May 17:

The Metrowater, which supplies drinking water to the city, has advised the people of this metropolitan city to avoid taking shower baths. As Chembarambakkam and Cholavaram reservoirs have gone dry the burden of meeting the daily requirement for water is also mounting. As such the Metrowater on Thursday issued an advisory to residents to use water judiciously.

The board has advised residents to avoid shower baths and using Indian toilets as the authority has to grapple with the crisis caused by the acute shortage of drinking water. It said that people should avoid taking shower bath which would make 40 to 50 litres water go waste, so instead one could use buckets full water as this takes 5 to 15 litres,” it said. Similarly, about 5 to 8 litres water would be used to flush the western toilets and on the other hand about a litre water could be used to flush Indian toilets.

Also, wet cloth could be used to wipe cars rather than opt for water wash it suggested.  Groundwater could be used to water the plants in the garden. In order to offset the shortfall, the board plans to tap 180 million litres a day from Veeranam lake and is also seeking to exploit groundwater sources.

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