Are opportunities denied to eligible Tamils?

The feeling that India is one country – right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari – is widely prevalent. But this feeling was marred by the sudden slogan which demanded preference for Tamils in jobs in Tamil Nadu. The appointment of 1600 people from north India as apprentices in Trichy railway division has given rise to this slogan demanding jobs for Tamils only in all state and central government offices in Tamil Nadu.

Out of the 1,765 Apprentice vacancies in Ponmalai Railway Workshop at Tiruchi, almost 1,600 had been appointed from North India. It is true that people from north India have been employed everywhere – right from tea stalls to big companies.

The fact that the companies in private sector exploit the poverty of these people for their own advantage cannot be denied. When questioned as to why not give the jobs to Tamils, the private sector companies have a ready reply – that our people will not accept the meagre wages and they cannot extract work from them. But this is a matter between an employer and employee and as such this can be ignored.

But what happens if the government jobs are also lost to non-Tamils? This has caused concern and we should study the problem and the root cause for this. literacy level has been rising in all the states of the country and naturally people will go places in search of jobs.

We cannot bar anyone. At the same time, we have to look into the issue – why 90 per cent of the vacancies are filled by appointing north Indians? Are eligible Tamilians were rejected? The complaint that Tamils have been neglected in the recruitment for central government services is being made for the past few years.

This should be studied and the government should come out with answers to nagging questions as to how the candidates form Tamil Nadu have fared in competitive examinations and whether jobs are offered to them. If people from Tamil Nadu could not pass in competitive examinations for central government services like railways, the reason for the same should be found out. If the factors for failure are identified, then the situation can be set right.

According to one view, all the posts in the lower rung of the department should be given to the locals. Most importantly, our people should appear for all competitive examinations and try to come out successfully. A situation should be created where the locals will be felt indispensable.

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