Babies, children cannot walk freely

The news of a selfish gang, without any morals or ethics, near Rasipuram in Salem district, indulging in the sale of new-born babies, with focus on minting money, has come to light recently. The gang exploits the weakness of couples without issues and who yearn for children and makes huge money.

The gang indulges in such business knowing full well that it is against the law. What is worse is that some of the employees in the local body are also involved in this racket. The gang operates around hospitals setting up their camps around them.

An audio clip that surfaced on social media regarding the sale of new born babies at Rasipuram has shocked the people.  The conversation in the tape is not just about the sale of babies, but also appears to indicate corruption in local government.

Is it enough for you if the baby is healthy, or must it be good-looking too?” the woman asked, her tone confident and alarmingly business like. The gang targets couples who have no issues and those who are wallowing in poverty and penury.

The issue of appearance would reappear in the conversation. Along with weight, sex and price. For example, the woman told her caller, a man from a northern Tamil Nadu town, that his most expensive option would be a boy with skin like an “Amul baby” in other words, a fair complexion.

And although she mostly used simple numbers like “4” or “4.25” to talk about payments, it was clear this was shorthand for larger amounts. In the audio clip, a retired nurse speaks to a man from Dharmapuri.

The man said he and his wife had been childless for seven years. Their conversation was unnerving not just because it was about the sale of infants, but also because the woman seemed to describe corruption in local government.

The local administration got a mention when the woman said she could get an “original” certificate — presumably a forged birth certificate — from the municipality in a few weeks, for a separate fee of Rs 70,000.

Based on the audio clip, the police have arrested a former nurse at a government hospital and her husband at Rasipuram for their alleged involvement in illegal adoption of babies. The nurse has been in this profession for the past 30 years without facing any trouble.

If these acts of trafficking in children are not stopped in the beginning itself, then children cannot freely walk on the roads. The public feel that a feeling of insecurity will envelop the children.

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