Passengers upset over MTC buses not halting at designated stops

Chennai:feb 7

Complaints contending that buses are irregular when it comes to halting at the designated bus stops have been on the rise in recent times. Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) officials maintained that nearly 50 complaints about the buses not halting at the stops have been received in the year alone.

“I have experienced such incidents quite a few times. Especially, this happens after nightfall. Drivers often skip stops in between.

If we ask them for a reason, they would usually apologise and instruct us to show hands to stop the vehicle from next time,” M Shravasthi, a commuter said.

On the condition of anonymity, an MTC bus driver said, “After the revision of fares, drivers have started to pick the commuters from non-designated stops, too. Sometimes we do not stop if the vehicle is carrying its maximum capacity of passengers.

This is mainly aimed at reducing the number of footboard travelers. The commuters usually board crowded buses instead of waiting for a relatively empty vehicle.”

According to MTC officials, a bus is permitted to carry a total of 25 sitting passengers and 45 standing passengers at any given time. They also claimed that the number of complaints has come down significantly after disciplinary actions are promptly taken against them.

“It is mandatory for the drivers to halt at the designated stops for more than 30 seconds. While preparing the time chart, the halting duration is also factored in. At busy stops, namely Koyambedu and Guindy, the halting duration will be longer.

Further, it is a rule that the drivers have to halt at every stop irrespective of the number of passengers,” said a senior MTC official.

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